Corporate Offerings

Here are a host of offerings by Accelerated Excellence. All can be tailored for delivery as keynotes, workshops (from 1-3 hours), and/or half and full day programs.

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The Neuroscience Of Leadership

In this dynamic training or presentation, Josie Thomson (who has recently completed studies in the Neuroscience of Leadership through Middlesex University), will provide insights about the deeply social nature of the brain which underpins collaborating with and influencing others, as well as the effective functioning of individuals and organisations.


The Neuroscience of Maximising Engagement, Retention & Collaboration

Discover new insights into how to manage or motivate others emerging from recent breakthroughs in neuroscience.


The Neuroscience of Resilience

In this presentation or workshop, participants will learn to master the power of their mind to create quality spaces of calm, clear thinking and perspective which will inform considered decision making and action, and drive excellence in performance outcomes.


Brain Insights For Effective Change Management

Having a physical science to explain how and why a brain based approach to change leadership actually works can be a significant aide when rolling out wide scale initiatives. In this highly interactive and engaging session, you will learn how to engender greater buy-in and engagement, which will improve the uptake of new skills and improved change practices.


A Brain-Based Approach to Solution Focussed Coaching

A proven methodology for leaders, managers and teachers under pressure. 

An experiential workshop integrating the latest findings regarding science-based change and goal-setting. Coaching is becoming an essential part of leadership and learning strategy in managing the increasingly complex and pressured business environment.

Josie brings together groundbreaking practices and models from the latest thinking and best practice in the field of coaching, neuroleadership and strength-based learning and change.


Mindfulness, The Brain & Business

This presentation will introduce and orient attendees to the topic of mindful awareness and its relation to neuroscience, with an emphasis on the relevance of this to the practice and application of neuroleadership skills.


Enlivened Teams, Resilient Workplaces

Whether it is a critical workplace event or project, dealing with the constant and rapid pace of change, or simply responding to the day-to-day challenging situations that we all encounter, personal resilience is the determining factor in who fails and who succeeds.

Build a resilient workplace by training managers in how to cultivate their own and others’ resilience so they know that when the going gets tough, they can lead with true grit.


The Neuroscience of Making Learning Stick

Organisations today need employees who are highly capable and geared for continuous learning and innovation. This is a unique, practical and experiential workshop that supports learning and development leaders to explore how to apply thinking from neuroscience into adult learning programs, settings and activities.


Working Smarter, Not Harder

Drawing from insights in cognitive and behavioural neuroscience, this program is crammed with practical ‘how-to’ strategies and techniques which will help participants to be more productive in everything they do. LEARN MORE

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