commandFor many years I have wanted to show how the use of mindful awareness could be applied easily to day to day living to improve quality of life, experience deeper fulfillment and achieve greater success.  It seemed clear to me from my experiences of unnecessary stress and overcoming cancer twice, that breaking bad habits can be effectively and relatively easily done.  So too was it clear for my friend and renowned neuroscientist Dr Jeffrey M Schwartz in his work with OCD sufferers, that breaking bad habits which is the core problem in the brain circuitry of people with OCD, was a great target application for applied mindfulness.

Dr Schwartz developed a 4 Step solution specifically to make the use of mindful awareness user friendly for any person to enable both increased function through creating new habits to replace old maladaptive ones, and to rewire the powerful habit centre in the brain.  You can read more about this in his latest book You Are Not Your Brian, which I highly recommend to you.

Essentially the 4 Steps are:


The key point that describes why the 4 Steps are successful is that they combine the use of proven cognitive methodologies with mindful awareness, directly applied to inform empowered choices about how to focus one’s attention in ways that lead to new adaptive habit patterns and a rewired brain.  This results in having a brain that now works with you instead of against you in achieving your true goals and life purpose

Habits are hard to break because they get wired in to the very powerful habit centre in the brain which we share with all lower animals. The key point about the function of this brain area is that it controls behaviour beneath the level of conscious awareness.  Therefore, habits are hard to break because to a significant degree, we are unaware of when they are operating i.e. by the time we realize the behavior is a problem, the beahviour has often already been initiated or even completed.  With mindfulness we can much more readily become aware of this process and be significantly empowered to change the focus of attention in ways that literally rewire the brain’s habit centre to work for us instead of against us.

The key underlying neuroscience principle at play here is called Hebb’s Law: neurons that fire together, wire together.   The entire program is based on the quantum principle that focused attention makes the adaptive cells and their associated brain circuits fire together, leading to new adaptive circuits wiring together to form a more adaptive brain.  This process is called self-directed neuroplasticity.

You don’t have to be a product of your habits!  With practice of the 4 Steps, you will realize that You Are Not Your Brain.

Dr Jeffrey M Schwartz and I are excited to announce we have developed a special 5-week masterclass series, based on the content in his best-selling book, ‘You Are Not Your Brain’, specifically for coaches and practitioners. You will learn about the 4 Steps in detail and learn how to utilise the model in coaching sessions with your clients.  It has also been designed specifically to make the use of mindful awareness user friendly for any person to enable both increased function through creating new habits to replace old maladaptive ones, and to rewire the powerful habit centre in the brain.

This masterclass will fill FAST. Don’t delay – head over to the course page and REGISTER NOW!

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