Accelerated Excellence

Accelerated Excellence was formed in 2001 by Master Certified Coach, Josephine Thomson.

Josephine is living proof that change can be significant and inspirational. Her journey from the analytical work of the corporate world, and surviving a life threatening illness TWICE, to the creative and intuitive world of personal and professional growth, has brought her a valuable portfolio of experience.

By continually creating, experiencing and observing change over her 25 years of professional life, Josephine has embraced a high level of learning, self-discovery and wisdom in the face of change and adversity. Her clarity, empathy and optimism will empower you to create change that is both sustainable and enjoyable.

Through collaboration, Josephine joins with a like-spirited change professionals to add depth and breadth to the services of Accelerated Excellence.

Accelerated Excellence coaches people to take spirited action for creating a more sustainable way of living, working and being. We are change professionals who provide the motive, method and momentum to create meaningful change for you and your community.


Transforming the lives of our clients through superior coaching services

We aim to build capability in individuals that hold senior positions or those talented individuals who are being ‘fast-tracked’ for more senior roles.

Our coaching, training and facilitation services blend theories and practices from an emerging field of NeuroLeadership, along with the necessary skills of management and those of leadership.

Leaders often ascend to more senior positions in organisations because of their technical knowledge, however many individuals fail to effectively manage the transition from providing answers to technical solutions to leading at the strategic level.

Accelerated Excellence provides our clients with a challenging yet practical learning pathway to more effective leadership. The coaching sessions build on each other, with focus on areas such as effective communication & coaching for performance management (of people, and organisation).

The pace and tone then changes markedly, with clients expected to demonstrate new and innovative thinking about the largest challenges they face, with a focus on Change Management, Leading Teams and Executive Leadership.  Our programs are a refreshing change for anyone who is reticent  of the usual rhetoric surrounding ‘leadership development’.

Our services are mostly delivered by an internationally qualified master certified coach, who is also one of Australia’s leading experts on leadership development.